Risks and complications

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This information is important and every patient using PPSI services should read and understand this information. You will be required to sign a declaration that you have read and understood this information..

Every surgical procedure carries risk and you should discuss and understand the possible risks and complications with your plastic surgeon so you are fully informed before surgery.

For surgical procedures completed at Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (PPSI) complications are extremely rare. However expected results may not be what you anticipated. Many clients present at PPSI with expectations which cannot be achieved and are beyond the skill and expertise of the surgeon. Candidates for plastic surgery should have real and achievable expectations and clearly understand that the outcomes should be realistic.

All candidates should discuss expected outcomes with their surgeon before surgery, and they should also be well informed of what outcomes are likely. If in doubt about expected outcomes, candidates should obtain a second or even third opinion in order to ensure that the surgical outcome is realistic.

Prior to having any surgical procedure at PPSI, all candidates must be informed of any risk and complication and must sign a statement of consent, clearly confirming that they have read and understand the risks and complications that may occur.

At PPSI, all unexpected outcomes and complications post surgery will be discussed between the client, surgeon and PPSI with the aim of resolving these issues to the satisfaction of all parties. In most cases, PPSI will perform any required follow up surgery at no, or reduced charge to the patient. In other cases, and particularly where unexpected outcomes are not foreseen, are of no fault of the surgeon or PPSI, or where clients remain dissatisfied, mediation between the parties can occur. PPSI also has an arbitration and clinical review process that is responsible for resolving disputes. However, candidates should be reminded that complications and unexpected outcomes are rare, that PPSI surgeons are fully accredited and comply with licensing arrangements in Thailand and are specialists in their field.

Finally, at PPSI, because we are confident of the results that we deliver we guarantee our services by offering a written guarantee of our services. This guarantee includes providing eligible clients with return airfares, hotel and free revision surgery and hospitalization. You can find out more about our guarantee by clicking here.

Risk and Complications

Surgery has risks and complications, so does anesthesia. Also each procedure carries its own specific risks and complications. This section discusses the general surgical and anesthetic risks and complications. Specific procedure risks and complications are outlined in the information sections related to the specific procedure.

To reduce your risk, you must inform your surgeon about any medications you are taking and let them know your complete medical history. It is in your interest to fully disclose all of this information with your surgeon.

Blood Loss

Blood Clots and deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Drop in Blood Pressure


Loose Sutures

Skin Death or Necrosist


Slow Healing


Keloid scarring

Anesthesia / Sedation Complications

Possible complications

Airway obstruction

Brain Damage

Malignant Hyperthermia

Temporary paralysis


Allergic reactions