Breast surgery FAQ

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What if i get sick and can’t keep my medicine down?

Taking your medication with food and water can help you keep it down during breast augmentation recovery.

If you simply cannot keep your medications down, tell your surgeon of contact PPSI. You may need to have your prescription changed.

I am a very active person. How long should I wait after breast augmentation until I resume exercising ?

How long before my breast implants drop ?

Why do my breasts appear red and feel sunburned ?

Why are my breasts shiny ?

How long after breast augmentation will my breasts soften up ?

Am I too firm ?

How soon can I go back to work after Surgery ?

When can I tan my new breasts ?

My new breasts are squeaking and gurgling! Is this permanent ? When will it stop ?

My breasts look like cones or torpedoes ?

My breasts are too big! I hate them!

When can I start jogging again ?

When can I begin having sex again ?

How soon after surgery can I fly ?

Will I have to sleep on my back or side forever ?

My breasts are numb. Will I ever have sensation again ?

When can I wear an underwired bra ?

What will happen during pregnancy ?

How much does the implant weight ?

The waterproof dressing peeled off. What should I do ?

I am in so much pain. I couldn’t sleep.

I feel nauseous and dizzy. Could this be because of the medication I am taking ?

I’m 1 month post-BA and I can see some stitches on my incision site. What should I do ?