Following Surgery

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Are They All You Dreamed They Would Be?

In the days and weeks right after your surgery, your breasts will be quite firm and will sit high up on your chest. Don’t worry. They will soften up and will drop. Remember, the breast on your dominant side (your right side, if you are right-handed) may not drop as fast as the breast on your non-dominant side. In the weeks and months following your breast augmentation procedure, your breasts may appear “off” in shape or position. They also may feel itchy or sensitive. This is because your skin has been stretched over the implants, making your breasts very firm and high. The full results of your breast augmentation won’t be seen completely for many weeks, so be patient.

Drains after Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

Caring for Breast Implant Incisions



Loss of Sensitivity

Nipple Over Sensitivity

Breast Noises: Squeaks and Gurgles