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PPSI will be The Best Aesthetic Plastic Surgery facility of Thailand, ASEAN and Asia Pacific.

Our PPSI Vision, “Always one step ahead”, focuses on excellent surgical outcome provided by qualified Aesthetic plastic surgeons, state-of-the-art equipment, brand new surgical facilities and awareness of patient safety raised by ISAPS, while at the same time promising a better client experience in every link of the service chain, starting from pre-travel communication, on arrival to Phuket, smart logistic, pre-operative consultation and admission, perioperative comfort to reduce pain to nearly zero, post-operative care and follow-up, hotel stay and finally after-home arrival.

We shall make our clients happy and fulfill their dreams and desires. The money and time they spend must be worthwhile, inclining them to recommend us to their relatives and friends without hesitation.

Lastly, to insure that PPSI will continue to be on the forefront of the Medical Tourism business, we will non-stop pursue better ways to strengthen our organization by commencing academic activities, research and training in partnership with our mother company, BDMS. That is why we name our new organization an “Institute”.

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