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Procedure: Breast Reduction, Nipple Graft
Surgeon: Dr.Sanguan

Comment:Dr.Sanguan was amazing! I can’t thank him enough, The results from my surgery are better than I imagined and I couldn’t be happier. He has changed my life for the better and he will always be my hero! I couldn’t have wished for better results. Would highly recommend! The staff there are so friendly and always remember your name. Always answered my questions, and made sure I was comfortable, extremely nice people, couldn’t have wished for better! Always there to help and such nice people!! Always on time and arrives to our destination safely. Was like staying in a 5 star hotel, extremely pleased! Keep doing what you are doing.



Procedure: Breast Augmentation, Abdominoplasty
Surgeon: Dr.Pongsatorn

Comment: I would like to give a very positive testimonial to the doctors, staff and all involved in nursing and taking care of me through cosmetic surgery over the past 3 years. Dr.Jibb, who I cannot thank you enough, has nursed me through two breast augmentations and one abdominoplasty, a job very well done and as the results show I am much more than pleased. :) The hospital staff have taken extra good care through my surgeries and recovery, Phuket International Hospital I very highly recommend. 10/10 - Vanessa with Dr. Pongsatorn



Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Surgeon: Dr.Pongsatorn

Comment: My experience here at Phuket Plastic Surgergy Institute (PPSI) was world class. My previous operation was performed in Sydney Australia. I highly recommend PPSI and my surgeon Dr. Pongsatorn. I will be taking this experience back to my family, friends and work colleagues in Australia that I highly recommend PPSI and the country that has been so kind to me. This place has touched my heart and soul. I will be back without a doubt. So much gratitude for all the nurses and doctors of PPSI. Bless.

The nurses cared for me beautifully, bedside manner was incredible. As I said, world class. Next to none. Love the staff at PPSI. Highly professional and consistent. Hospital was beautiful, rooms stunning. - Kellie with Dr. Pongsatorn



Procedure: N/A
Surgeon: Dr.Piyapas

Comment: My experience at PPSI was very pleasant. The nurses were there within seconds of a press of a button. Everybody was very friendly. My doctor explained everything very well and put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend PPSI to anyone. I can't fault anything. 10/10 - Briana with Dr. Piyapas



Procedure: N/A
Surgeon: Dr.Parinya

Comment: My experience with PPSI was 10/10. I could not express more my appreciation towards all the staff here. They are so kind and patient especially because I am so scared of needles. They were patient with me every step of the way. Will definitely be recommending them to everyone! :) - Nicola with Dr. Parinya



Procedure: Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery
Surgeon: Dr.Veerawat

Comment: PPSI staff are extremely helpful and prompt at replying to any questions. Nothing is too much trouble for them. Very helpful and caring. DrVeerawat did a wonderful job with my eyelid surgery throughout the whole process. Thoroughly recommend him. A caring and humble man – I felt confident with him conducting my surgery. I was extremely surprised that I had no pain whatsoever and the results – even at this early point in time. Many of my friends have followed by posts via facebook regarding my surgery. I have had a number of friends now interested in similar surgery who will contact PPSI if their do decide to go ahead. I was impressed with EVERYTHING! Overall service is fantastic. Continue to do what you are doing. Your hospital and staff are all wonderful. Thank you so much.



Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Surgeon: Dr.Poonsak

Comment: Everything was made so simple! I was very nervous about booking direct rather than a third party agent and there was not one glitch! The nurses were all so very professional, caring and kind. Dr.Poonsak was very informative, very understanding my level of nerves. The time that it took from registering to my consultation and then surgery was amazing!



Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Surgeon: Dr.Parinya

Comment: My very recent Breast Augmentation performed at PPSI in Thailand, was a life changing experience that I will never forget. Everybody who was involved throughout my stay at PPSI have the highest commendations from me. Your constant, professional and very caring manner towards me was second to none. My wonderful surgeon Dr.Parinya was a very professional, highly skilled surgeon. Dr.Parinya, you have helped me to improve every other aspect of my life following your superb work. I cannot thank you enough. PPSI is a world class institute in my opinion, and Dr.Parinya is a surgeon whom I will recommend time and time again to all of my friends. Outstanding work team!!!



Procedure: Vaser Liposuction (Neck); neck lift; lower face lift; upper & lower eyelid surgery
Surgeon: Dr.Pongsatorn

Comment: Brilliant, caring, gentle surgeon. Felt very comfortable with Dr.Jib from the moment I met him. He explained everything in details, what my expectations were, what I can expect as my surgery outcome. He is extremely caring and will highly recommend him to my friends/colleagues if they are interested in any plastic surgery procedures.
Nursing Team
Again, I was made to feel comfortable at all times. The duration of my surgery was eight (8) hours, so a lengthy procedure. The after-care team were brilliant and again incredibly caring.
Healing Process
Do not underestimate the importance of following your surgeon’s instructions for a speedy recovery. Compression band is a must - plus your hygiene of maintaining the wounds. Cold compress packs are also imperative. After I had my stitches removed, I followed the guidelines of washing with antiseptic solution for at least 3 days. Still wearing my compression band day and night. Lying in a 45 degrees angle to prevent fluid build-up is a must. It works – just be patient. I then applied a combination of arnica cream plus concentrated vitamin E oil. I applied and gently massaged total surgery area 3 times per day.
I also applied Bepanthen silicone get to ear wounds, under chin and eyes. It works a treat. This is used in conjunction with the arnica and vitamin E oil. Then simply put your compression mask/band on again and let the magic of these treatments and nature do the rest. Again be patient. But consistent with your treatment regime.
Customer Service Team
Behind the scenes and at PPSI reception area are truly wonderful ambassadors for this hospital. I cannot speak highly enough with each person I have directly had an experience with. Finally, Dr. Pongsatorn
Thank you so much for giving me the refreshed look I was seeking without robbing my identity. You said right from the outset that your work is about creating harmony – you honored your word. I love the end result. Again, thank you so much.
In summary
Surgeon - The procedure absolutely met my expectations. Brilliant, gifted hands.
Surgeon Team – Brilliant
Customer Service Team – Absolute Delight



Procedure: N/A
Surgeon: Dr.Sanguan

Comment: My recovery was fast. I am very happy that I never encountered any complications so far. Dr. Sanguan and his team did a very good job, I have no concerns post op so far. I am very happy I feel so good about myself. I give PPSI a 101% in Plastic surgery!! The moment I arrive at the facility, I felt so much better to see the environment is so clean and facilities/ equipment are state of the art. The team were all skilled, very friendly and professional. When Dr. Sanguan examined me, I felt really good because I can see that he knows what he is doing. After surgery, I never expected that my recovery was very fast. A big thank you to Dr. Sanguan & the PPSI team, I did the right decision choosing PPSI. Just keep it up and job well done!



Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Surgeon: Dr.Narupon

Comment: I underwent Breast Surgery with DrNarupon and PPSI. Best decision I could have made for myself. I have 600 round dual plane. I found the hospital and staff fantastic. DrNarupon was amazing and I'm now looking for an excuse to go back. I would recommend PPSI to anyone wishing to update.



Procedure: Breast Revision and Liposuction
Surgeon: Dr.Pongsatorn

Comment: My name is Vika and I have come from New Zealand for breast revision and liposuction, my journey and service received has been amazing. Since my arrival, I have been treated with kindness, respect and love form all the staff especially Ann. My consultation with Dr. Jibb was thorough and friendly, he explained everything in detail and was able to answer all my questions and more. I was nervous about surgery and slightly scared but the staff and Dr. Jibb made me feel very comfortable and safe. After waking up from surgery the nurses and doctors made sure that I was not in any pain. I was also washed and cleaned which was so nice as we do not receive that kind of service in my country. Hospital food was also very enjoyable and pleasant during my recovery.

My follow-up appointment went well and I was so happy with my results, nurses have been so kind and friendly. I feel that I trust them and can rely on them with anything.

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this surgery and trip the best that it can be. I won't forget the kindness and hospitality. My doctor (Dr. Jibb) has been very good with me in all areas from the start to the very end, I feel as though I gained a friend.

Ann has been the best and has by far exceeded my expectation of PPSI. She has made me feel welcomed to PPSI and Thailand from the start to very end. I will miss her so much.

Every aspect of this trip has been excellent. I would definitely recommend PPSI to all my friends and family wanting surgery and I will also comeback someday.


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Procedure: Rhinoplasty surgery
Surgeon: Dr.Witoon

Comment: What started out as a Holiday turned into a Cosmetic Procedure Trip.

I put my life and body in the hands of this exceptional genius Surgeon Dr.Witoon who has performed an amazing Rhinoplasty surgery and my little rockstars just got a 'lil upgraded. This man is an exceptional surgeon with over 40 years experience and has performed 1000's of procedures making many women very happy including myself now.

This surgery also extended to me having dental work done, All in all my face and body was battered but I am having a breezy easy recovery thus far and was very well taken care of at PPSI. A huge Thank you to all the Nurses and Doctors at Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute for being so Attentive, Caring and Informative during my stay. A 10/10 experience, I give it 100 Excellence

Ladies if you ever need personal cosmetic surgery this is the best place to go and the best surgeon to see. They are absolutely beautiful there. You know where I'll be going in the future if I need something personally done.



Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Surgeon: Dr.Poonsak

Comment: I am very happy with the service provided throughout my whole experience! What a lovely, friendly staff who made me feel very comfortable and relaxed the whole time I was there. I was very happy with my surgeon DrPoonsak, from start to finish. And all staff members when I had my overnight stay, I felt very comfortable and well looked after. I’m very happy with my end results! I feel DrPoonsak listened and understood my wishes and he also gave realistic advice and helped me understand the most likely achievable outcome. And for that I am thankful and most happy with my results. I am more than happy with every aspect of PPSI experience and would not hesitate to recommend them to others for sure. There overall professional & polite service throughout my whole experience is what impressed me the most. Keep doing everything you are, I am very pleased with my surgery results and would not hesitate to return in future knowing I would be well looked after in everyway from start to finish. Thank you so much for my very positive experience!



Procedure: N/A
Surgeon: Dr.Poonsak

Comment: Drivers were kind, courteous and on time which is so refreshing. The coordinators and other PPSI staff are very helpful and attentive. The food was good, I loved the sandwiches. The chicken vegies and choice of gravy was very good too and the staff were friendly. Nursing staff let me know what they were doing each time they entered my room. They were kind and happy. This put me at ease and made me feel good. Dr. Rushapol is so good. He has looked after me twice now and will not go to anyone else. He gave me time and answered all my questions. He has a friendly approach, funny man with a very kind heart. My result? So far so good, I had a thigh lift and is still healing. I always tell all my friends how good PPSI is.experience and would not hesitate to recommend them to others for sure. There overall professional & polite service throughout my whole experience is what impressed me the most. Keep doing everything you are, I am very pleased with my surgery results and would not hesitate to return in future knowing I would be well looked after in everyway from start to finish. Thank you so much for my very positive experience!



Procedure: Revision Breast Augmentation
Surgeon: Dr.Sanguan

Comment: My experience was a great one...as a returning client, I knew what to expect and was not disappointed at all. The pick-ups and drops offs all ran smoothly, the drivers very polite and friendly. Access to the new hospital was easy to find and it is a beautiful building. I choose Dr.Sanguan as my surgeon this time around. He is a very friendly happy man. He listened to what I wanted and recommended what he thought would be best and we came up with a beautiful result. From pre-op test to the aftercare I cannot fault PPSI. I have sent a few friends over and will keep doing so.

Thank you Dr.Sanguan and team for working your magic and giving me dream cleavage...one very happy girl here!



Procedure: Revision Breast Augmentation
Surgeon: Dr.Narupon

Comment: Dr.Narupon listened to my concerns and was very thorough, although very brief, I still felt he cared for me and answered my questions. My results were natural, and what I wanted. I am very happy overall with my outcome and aftercare provided post-surgery. Everything, right from the beginning I felt like I had made the right choice. There was always someone there to answer my questions and concerns, I felt looked after, and not alone as I was on my own during the time of my surgery. The hospital is beautiful, my room was lovely. The food was amazing and the care given was above my expectations. I was very impressed. I would recommend PPSI!



Procedure: Face and Neck Lift
Surgeon: Dr.Poonsak

Comment: A highly professional service was provided by everyone I had contact with. Everyone was very respectful and polite. The staff across all levels are extraordinarily helpful and respectful. I felt that I had the best care that I could have had. I have recommended PPSI to others and my daughter is coming back for more treatment later this year. The very prompt, helpful and efficient responses to all communications and the very professional and personal service provided by surgeons, front desk administration staff and nurses impressed me the most. There was nothing that I can point to in particular that disappointed me. My experience with PPSI has always been a very positive experience. Everything is very fine tuned and works very effectively and efficiently.



Procedure: N/A
Surgeon: Dr.Piyapas

Comment: The service was fantastic. Customer care was well considered. I felt safe and secure. The team were warm and welcoming. They were also very supportive. I was concerned about the language gap but felt their English was very good. I was very surprised that I received a 6 month checkup email! After doing multiple surgeries every year I'm very pleased that they have checked up on me. When having my consultation I couldn't go as big as I would of liked due to limited fat tissue in my breast. I was happy the surgeon took my safety into consideration and I am hoping to go larger in the future. I was very impressed by the amount of care! Multiple checkups were done when in Phuket which made me feel very safe. My surgeon was amazing!! Dr.Piyapas thank you. I have been recommending PPSI to everyone very pleased.

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